• Our Approach

    Our Approach

A Novel Approach

A Novel Approach

Our approach seeks to intervene in a vital and decisive aspect of their problem; funding. To that end, OrphanCare Trust will make periodic deposits into orphans’ accounts until they reach the age of 18, at which point the funds will become accessible.

Two foundational principles define the very essence and identity of the trust.

  • Every rupee donated to the Orphan Care Trust will be directly allocated for orphan accounts.
  • Amãna Bank will bear all operating and administrative costs of the Trust.
Orphan Enrollment

Orphan Enrollment

  • Confirmation of orphan status (at least one parent deceased; verification of orphan status will be made in consultation with relevant agencies).
  • Guided by Article 2 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, all enrolment will be irrespective of the child's or their parent's or legal guardian's race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national, ethnic or social origin, property, disability, birth or other status.
Participating orphanages
Our Pledge

Our Pledge

  • We pledge to always be guided by our conviction that orphans should not have to face a second abandonment.
  • We pledge that all our efforts will go towards empowering orphans to choose the shape of their future.
  •  We pledge that every rupee donated to the Orphan Care Trust will be directly allocated for orphan accounts.
  • We pledge to honour inclusivity by rejecting all forms of discrimination and affiliation in the activities of the Trust.

Caring for 18+ Orphans

We believe our role is to be protective but not overbearing. Just as parents save for their children with the hope – but not the guarantee – that their children will use their assets wisely, we believe in offering support and independence to orphans without demanding their compliance. We believe that empowering them in this way is itself a vital part of their maturation.

As a supplement to these financial assets, we will provide a platform for various stakeholders to provide training, guidance, and encouragement for orphans to employ the funds in asset-enhancing activities like investing in higher education or initiating a business.

The OrphanCare team identified and profiled Orphans who were registered with OrphanCare and reached the age of 18 to facilitate value adding engagement towards guiding them in the right direction with financial and qualitative support. Such profiling was done capturing their educational levels, language skills and career aspirations based on which the OrphanCare team facilitated their needs by matching their requirements with forthcoming donors of both individual and institutional capacity. This will continue to be a strong area of focus and engagement of the OrphanCare initiative.

Our Impact


Orphans Enrolled


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Funds Disbursed


Total Disbursements

Qualitative Support for 18+ Orphans

Requirement Met No. of Orphans Benefitted
Laptop to continue higher studies 2
Stethoscope for Medical Studies 1
Undergo Electrical Training Course 1
Undergo IT Diploma Course 1
Supporting Other Educational Needs 30
Employment Placement 6