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OrphanCare launches www.orphancare.org website

OrphanCare launches www.orphancare.org website

19 Sep 2022

OrphanCare recently launched its official website www.orphancare.org under the patronage of its Board of Trustees and Founder Sponsor Amana Bank. The website was developed in partnership with eBEYONDS (Pvt) Limited, who have come on board as the Official Digital Technology and Solutions Partner for OrphanCare.

The informative and interactive www.orphancare.org website, provides donors and well-wishers an insight to the OrphanCare project as well as the impact it has reached thus far. The website will soon be ready to also facilitate online donation payments where donors can use their credit/debit cards for donations.

Commenting on the launch of the website, Chairman of the OrphanCare Trust Ruzly Hussain said “We are delighted to have launched the official website for OrphanCare, which will be an ideal platform to connect donors, well-wishers and partners to our noble cause and apprise them of our progress. Other than enabling donation payments, the website also plans to facilitate other qualitative support requirements of orphans through which we can find ideal partners who are passionate to help these children in taking the next step in their lives”

Also sharing his thoughts, Director/CEO of eBEYONDS (Pvt) Limited Sajith de Silva said,

“Thousands of children in the country live as orphans without love, protection, and belongingness. The Orphan Care programme initiated by Amana Bank is rooted in the noble concept of ‘No child should live without love & protection’. Since this concept resonates with the values and beliefs of eBEYONDS, we wholeheartedly support the Orphan Care programme and sponsor the development & hosting of the official website. We trust all people worldwide will support the OrphanCare programme.”

OrphanCare was established as an independent trust with Amana Bank PLC as the Founder Sponsor where OrphanCare aims to address a very important yet mostly unattended need of orphan children; which is securing the fate of orphans once they reach the age of 18 and are compelled to leave institutional care. Since launch to date OrphanCare has made 11 rounds of fund disbursements totaling in excess of LKR 35 million, benefitting over 3,100 orphans from 85+ child care homes across the country.