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OrphanCare Completes 15th Fund Disbursement

OrphanCare Completes 15th Fund Disbursement

19 Jul 2023

OrphanCare an independent trust dedicated to supporting orphaned children, is pleased to announce the successful completion of its 15th successive quarterly fund disbursement to enrolled orphans. This represented a significant milestone in OrphanCare’s ongoing commitment to improving the lives of orphan children.

OrphanCare expresses sincere gratitude to its supporters, donors and stakeholders whose invaluable contributions have been instrumental in making the 15th fund disbursement a reality. Their unwavering support and generosity continue to drive OrphanCare’s mission forward, bringing hope and brighter futures for countless orphaned children.

In addition to the periodical fund allocation, OrphanCare has identified and profiled orphans who have reached the age of 18 through a structured qualitative support process. This individual profiling is conducted with the aim of adding further value and providing assistance to these young adults as they transition into independence. By considering their education levels, language skills and career aspirations, OrphanCare seeks to match them with donors, both individual and institutions, who can support them based on their specific needs.

Established with Amana Bank as the founding sponsor, OrphanCare aims to create a nurturing and enabling environment for the orphaned children to thrive and avoid a second abandonment. A notable feature of this initiative is that Amana Bank ensures that every donated rupee directly reaches the intended beneficiaries since all administrative and operational costs are fully borne by the Bank.

Inviting to join the cause, Chairman of the Trust Ruzly Hussain said, “The successful completion of the 15th Fund Disbursement marks a significant milestone, igniting a ray of hope in the lives of each and every orphaned child we support. At OrphanCare Trust, our goal is to empower these children with financial stability, enabling them to pursue their dreams and build a bright future. We invite all of those who share our sentiments to join our cause. Together let’s make a lasting impact and uplift lives of these deserving children. Those interested in donating to the cause can do online via www.orphancare.org”

Head of OrphanCare Azad Zaheed said “Our vision is that of an entity dedicated to supporting improvement of quality of life, stability and welcoming orphans’ participation in sustainable community development. We shall continue to provide all means to help orphans become productive citizens who will serve the country. In this regard we have accelerated our efforts to on-board business and community service based institutions who share our vision by inviting them to join hands with us as dedicated Corporate, Service and Care Partners”

The OrphanCare Trust is administered by a team of trustees who have a track record of passionate social service and includes Chairman of the Trust Ruzly Hussain (Founder of the Rotaract movement in Sri Lanka), Secretary of the Trust Miss P. Shireen Watson, Treasurer of the Trust Jazri Magdon Ismail (Past President AAT), Deshabandu Tilak de Zoysa (Chairman Helpage Sri Lanka), Harsha Amarasekera (President’s Counsel), K.R. Ravindran (Chairman, Board of Trustees of Rotary Foundation USA and former President Rotary International), Sharad Amalean (Co-Founder MAS Holdings), Osman Kassim (Founder Chairman Amãna Bank), Tyeab Akbarally (Senior Director Akbar Brothers) and Mohamed Azmeer (Managing Director/CEO Amãna Bank). The Trustees have instituted a strong governance framework to maintain the highest standards of integrity and ensure the long-term sustainability of the Trust.